Namaka Compliance deliver innovative Compliance services encompassing Digital and Virtual Reality Technology to ensure that the Energy Sector Workforce is capable of being deemed compliant and competent, particularly where Major Accident Hazards exist.


Namaka Compliance has developed digital solutions for clients based on industry compliance and competence.


Namaka Compliance was founded in March 2020 by the CEO of Namaka Group, Sandy Harper due to an increasing demand seen not only in the Subsea Sector but the entire Energy Sector onshore as well as offshore.

Namaka Compliance have created an innovative and bespoke competence management system called ‘Athena’.

Competence Management System

Athena laptop

The system works by:

  • Utilising a web-based system
  • Real-time viewing and defined percentages of competencies
  • A system for controlling interim competence
  • The creation of no additional paperwork
  • Using Zone 1 Ex Rated equipment for capturing evidence
  • Ability to view all certification and training of all candidates
  • Cybersecurity assured data
  • Creation of Training Development Plans and Training Matrixes
Virtual reality

The system can also incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) at no cost to our clients to enhance the competence experience and assessments. The system is designed for any size of company from small-sized SME’s to IOC’s and Tier 1 EPcm’s.

Athena on i Pad 02

‘Athena’ allows companies the ability to manage and demonstrate competence with simplicity. It is vital for organisations to prove how competence and training is managed effectively within their organisation, this is a requirement when operating in industries where the potential for Major Accident Hazards exist.

The benefits of using the system are:

  • 95% paperless
  • Reduction in overseas and offshore travel due to assessors being able to review the information remotely, which in turn lowers the Company's carbon footprint
  • Increased safety as it reduces any potential risks or hazards of having an unfamiliar assessor onsite/offshore on Major Accident Hazard Locations
  • Reducing requirements of Assessors and Verifiers to be face to face and reducing the risks of contracting COVID

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