Namaka Compliance deliver innovative Compliance services encompassing Digital and Virtual Reality Technology to ensure that the Energy Sector Workforce is capable of being deemed compliant and competent, particularly where Major Accident Hazards exist.


Namaka Compliance has developed digital solutions for clients based on industry compliance and competence.


Namaka Compliance was founded in March 2020 by the CEO of Namaka Group, Sandy Harper due to an increasing demand seen not only in the Subsea Sector but the entire Energy Sector onshore as well as offshore.

One of the requirements in the Energy Sector when operating internationally on Major energy Projects is to be able to prove that Local Nationals are utilised. Namaka Compliance has created a workforce development programme to allow international companies to demonstrate that they have the trained, competent, and compliant personnel to undertake these tasks.

Bridging the Skills Gaps

developing local national workforces

This programme is designed for international companies to upskill local national workforces to ensure that they are not only compliant but also deemed competent when working on major energy projects. The programme ensures that all the workforce receives internationally recognised certification and has knowledge transfer at the centre of the programme and identifies the future leaders of their respective industry. Namaka Compliance has an online software programme called Athena that tracks Local Content from inception and Completion. It allows the stakeholders to view the progress of individual candidates to groups in terms of progression in real-time. This is all done in line with the Local Content Laws of the host country in which they operate.

The benefits of our programmes are:

  • Knowledge Retention
  • Local Capacity Building
  • Mentoring and Coaching of Local Workforces
  • Competence Mapping of all positions
  • Training budget allocated accordingly
  • Identification of leadership

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