Namaka Compliance deliver innovative Compliance services encompassing Digital and Virtual Reality Technology to ensure that the Energy Sector Workforce is capable of being deemed compliant and competent, particularly where Major Accident Hazards exist.


Namaka Compliance has developed digital solutions for clients based on industry compliance and competence.


Namaka Compliance was founded in March 2020 by the CEO of Namaka Group, Sandy Harper due to an increasing demand seen not only in the Subsea Sector but the entire Energy Sector onshore as well as offshore.

Any country involved in major energy projects will look to their vocational institutions to ensure that they have the capability of upskilling their local and future workforces. Namaka Compliance has developed a programme to upskill Local National Technical, Vocational, Educational Training (TVET) institutes and skills training centres.

Up Skilling

Developing Local National Training Institutions

The programme is separated into two (2) parts that run simultaneously. The programme is designed to upskill institutions and their technical staff to ensure that they can undertake international accreditations. The first part is the upskilling of institutions according to international accreditations and ensuring that they have an effective business management system and the supporting infrastructure to develop the facilities.

The second part of the programme is identifying and selecting technical instructors to ensure that they can deliver international accreditation in line with industry requirements. The main deliverables with the programme are to ensure that international accreditations are delivered in-country and that knowledge retention and local national workforces can take on the opportunities presented on major energy projects. Along with training and mentoring of the staff, an evaluation is undertaken of all the instructional staff and benchmarked against international standards and practices regularly to ensure the content is delivered at the appropriate level by industry experienced personnel.

  • Developing a curriculum of excellence
  • Retention of in-country knowledge
  • Identification, training and development of instructional staff

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